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  • (€19) Desktop Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

    Wing Chun Wooden Dummy This Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is a Lacquered wood. A tiny model of the true wooden practice dummies, this small display is great to decorate one bedroom dresser, office desk, or whatever! Size 20cm high x … Continue reading

  • (€8) Martial Art Wallets

    Show off your style of martial arts when shopping by owning a Martial art wallet. Embroidered writing on front. Main opening has velcro to keep the wallet closed. The interior has a coin section also with velcro to stop your … Continue reading

  • (€9) Martial Art Figure Mugs

    (Taekwondo mug sold out) Show your appreciation for the love in your life, what ever martial arts it may be. Think of it as a little spiritual lift. Every time you raise your mug think about your training! Martial arts … Continue reading

  • Embroidered Martial Art Badges

    Related Items: (€4.5) Hap Ki Do Embroidered Badge (€4.5) Judo embroidered Badge (€4.5) Judo Green Fighters Embroidered Badge (€4.5) Korean Tae Kwon Do Embroidered Badge

  • Gift Sets

    Related Items: Archery Sets Gift Certificate (€22) Karate 3 item Gift Set Taekwondo Suits

  • Key Rings

    Related Items: (€4.5) Ying Yang Keyring (€4.5) Ying Yang Mantis Keyring (€4.5) Kendo Kid Keyring (€4.5) Karate Keyrings

  • Martial Art Figurines

    Related Items: (€4.8) Kendo Kid Medallion (€4.5) Kendo Kid Keyring (€5) Martial Art Bear Figurines (€15) Martial Art Kid Figurines

  • Medallions

    Related Items: (€4.8) Ying Yang Medallion (€4.8) Ying Yang red yellow Medallion (€4.8) Kendo Kid Medallion (€4.8) Karate Kid Medallion

  • Metal Lapel Badges

    Related Items: (€4.5) WTF Metal Lapel Badge (€4.5) Shotokan Metal Lapel Badge (€4.5) Wado Ryu Metal Lapel Badge (€4.5) Ying Yang Metal Lapel Badge

  • Nutrition

    Related Items: (€14) Venum Nutrition Creatine – Unflavoured (€43) Venum Nutrition Pre Workout (€47) Venum Nutrition BCAA Amino (€92) Venum nutrition Mass Gainer – Chocolate

  • Water Bottles

    Related Items: (€75) Badbreed Signature Edition Boxing Gloves (€9) Martial Art Water Bottles (€20) adidas Black Boxing Shorts (€8) Badbreed Legion Water Bottle

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