(€5) Drinking Water Purification Tablets 8.5mg

If you are traveling abroad these are a must have item or just keep at home for an emergency as they have a shelf life of  a few years
oasis 500 tablets of water purOasis Water Purification Tablets are effective against bacteria, spores, viruses and water borne diseases. They are ideal for abroad or camping out.

To use, simply add one tablet to one litre of suspect water and wait thirty minutes. The treated water will then have the World Health Organisation’s recommended dosage of 5ppm available chlorine (5mg chlorine per litre of water).

1 tablet purifies = 1 litre of water

  • 8.5mg NaDCC per tablet
  • 10 tablets per foil strip
  • 5ppm available chlorine
  • shelf life approximately five years
  • Oasis branded strips


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