(€115) Quest Allstrike Adult Focus Target Grey

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quest focus strike

Use the life like striking surface of the Quest AllStrike to develop a new level of improvisation and freestyle movement to your martial arts training. Improve your striking accuracy, timing and power with the AllStrike.

Improvise: Freestyle knees, elbows and uppercuts whenever you want. No need to wait for your trainer to turn their mitts
Accuracy: Home your combinations and strikes to land where you want them to
Soft yet incredibly durable. No protective gear required, the AllStrike is made with a material that is strong but won’t damage your hands or feet.
Ergonomic grip, lightweight and easy to maneuver
Realistic striking surface: practice punching a head when you want to practice punching someones head. Simple

quest focus strike side  quest focus strike bottom  quest focus strike inside  quest focus strike kick