Thai Pads

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  • (€48) Bytomic Leather Curved Thai Pad

    Curved Leather Thai Pad, riveted Handle with 2 velcro wrist and arm straps for secure hold. Heavy duty multi-layered foam construction. Sold as singles Related Items: (€57) Firepower Angled Thai Pads (€48) Krav Maga Curved Leather Shock Focus Pads (€44) Warrior Muay Thai Leather Boxing Gloves (€37) Curved Vinyl Strike Shield

  • (€57) Firepower Angled Thai Pads

    Made from buffalo leather Curved face to absorb powerful blows Two Velcro padded and double fold straps Ideal for coaching and developing a fighter’s skill Dimensions: 35cm x 19cm x 8.5cm Sold in pairs Constructed from buffalo leather with premium PU backing for additional comfort. Includes two Velcro padded, double fold straps for precise fit […]

  • (€90) Badbreed Signature Edition Thai Pads

    Constructed from heavy-duty buffalo leather. Curved strike surface absorbs the strongest of blows whilst minimising the force felt by the holder (front panel: 14” by 9.5” and 2.5” in depth). Firm double stitched handle with reinforced flat studs. Two Velcro padded, double fold straps for precise fit (2″ wide). Sold In Pairs Badbreed Signature Edition […]