Kick / Punch Targets & Boards

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  • (€12) Sectional Wall Bag

    An authentic design – the wall bag is split into three sections that enable the user to choose three different types of filling for three different senses of touch! Pressure point illustration also aids the user to correctly target blows. Single Bag also available   Related Items: (€64) Body Conditioning Battle Ropes (€16) Battle Rope […]

  • (€145) Multi Kick & Punch Target

    Your essential piece of dojo or gym equipment! A combination of 4 adjustable flexible paddles, that will test your speed and co-ordination to the max! Its central pole can easily be adjusted to ensure most heights are catered for as all paddles can be maneuvered. Each paddle is covered and can also be adjusted in […]

  • (€16) Makiwara Boards

    Uniquely designed to strengthen your fists without bursting them (€22) Wood Spring Loaded Makiwara Board The original wood block wall mounted Makiwara, as used by the great masters of the past. Dimensions : 28cm x 15cm x 7cm The original wood block wall mounted Makiwara As used by the great masters of the past   […]

  • (€26) Padded Smash Board

    As students progress the padding offers a sense of security for this intermediate but still fairly easy board. The black advanced padded smash board should be used for adults              Sturdy design Foam padding on front Three levels of difficulty Easy to re-fit once broken For kids and adults Related […]

  • (€980) Focusmaster G1000 Wall System

    The Focusmaster G-1000 is designed to take up virtually no floor space while maximizing your workout. The steel frame structure exhibits incredible strength; standing 6 feet tall and 12 inches wide, the frame features twenty solid steel jig welded mounting studs for attaching pads and targets. One straight on target and two spring loaded targets […]