(€16) Makiwara Boards

Uniquely designed to strengthen your fists without bursting them
makiwara board

(€22) Wood Spring Loaded Makiwara Board

The original wood block wall mounted Makiwara, as used by the great masters of the past.

Dimensions : 28cm x 15cm x 7cm

The original wood block wall mounted Makiwara As used by the great masters of the past

makiwara board c


century makiwara board(€19) Century Makiwara Board

Designed for toughening the elbows, feet, knuckles and various other striking areas. Filled with dense impact resistant foam. Covered with heavy cotton duck canvas. Size: 12 inches x 9 inches x 1-3/4 inches.


straw makiwara


(€16) Straw Makiwara

For the traditionalist, a makiwara made from straw rope. The straw makiwara should be softened-up (give it a good battering with a heavy mallet) before attaching it to the post. It is also recommended that you cover a straw makiwara with a towel when you first start using this style of target as this will reduce abrasion on the knuckles. Dimensions : 36cm x 8cm x 8cm.

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