(1) Punch Bags

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  • (€38) Metal Brackets for Punch Bags

      (€8) Punch Bag Ceiling Hook Comes with hardware for easy installation. Can be used on almost any style bag and comes with a heavy-duty swivel. Can hold up to 40kg   (€9) Punch Bag Chains Four separate strands of chain Attached to one main swivel Enables the target to hang and pivot evenly Can […]

  • Free Standing Punch BagsTyson Large Sparring Bag

    Related Items: (€245) T-Sport Junior Fitness Freestanding Bag Scoring Zones (€325) T-Sport 6′ Freestanding Punch Bag – Black (€310) Junior Freestanding Punch Bag (€335) Freestanding Double Sided Punch / Kick Bag

  • Hanging Punch Bags

    If you are a Boxer / martial artist or health junky, check out our selection of bags that will have you puzzled as to which one you should choose. All our bags are made to take a lot of abuse which ensures they can withstand the punishment we know you will inflict on them! Related Items: (€145) Deluxe Buffalo […]