Free Standing Punch Bags

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  • (€175) Century Reactor Freestanding Adult Punch Bag

    The sand-filled base of the Reactor Bag produces continuous spring-back after each strike, making solo training a breeze for both adults and children. Ideal for aerobic conditioning, building core strength and hand-eye coordination, this bag can be used with or without gloves. Constructed of durable, vinyl casing and moves easily for storage when not in […]

  • (€245) T-Sport Junior Fitness Freestanding Bag Scoring Zones

    Freestanding Bag Scoring Zones Freestanding Bag with Durable vinyl cover, high impact foam. Round base for easy relocation. Filled with sand or water. Approximately 170lbs when filled. 10 scoring zones 52″ tall with a punch area of 43″ x 13″ Base diameter 20″ Related Items: (€310) Junior Freestanding Punch Bag (€325) T-Sport 6′ Freestanding Punch […]

  • (€310) Junior Freestanding Punch Bag

       Designed with children in mind, this double-sided, durable, freestanding punch bag can withstand the most powerful punching combinations, kicks, knees and elbows. Whilst one side is plain, the reverse includes strike points to improve speed, accuracy and footwork. Extra padding at the base can be removed to reveal a flexible neck. This flexible neck […]

  • (€325) T-Sport 6′ Freestanding Punch Bag – Black

    Choice of styles all black or with scoring zones Freestanding Punch Bags Freestanding punch bag 6′ tall with nearly 20 sq. ft. of striking surface area An expanded target zone (16 1/4″ diameter), allows for kicks and punches at varying heights Low profile base allows for low kicks Easy to fill and empty – water […]

  • (€325) Tyson Freestanding Punch Bag

    FIVE STYLES AVAILABLE Tyson Freestanding punch bags the only punch bag you will ever need (€345) Tyson’s Brother  The new Ultimate Realistic Punch Bag, Flexible Torso, more striking surface area for body shot training as well as kicks. Overall height: adjustable from 158~185 cm PU body height: 70 cm wide: 55 cm PE base height: […]

  • (€335) Freestanding Double Sided Punch / Kick Bag

    Training in the same old boring locales can be uninspiring and leave you feeling less than motivated, so put the passion back into your punches and the crunch back into your kicks with our portable freestanding punch-bag. Outside in the sun or indoors when it rains, train wherever you like, whenever you like- just fill […]

  • (€390) Wing Chun Tough Plastic Freestanding Dummy

    An easy to install (5 minutes maximum) Wing Chun dummy. Double sided action, more portable than conventional spinning dummy, comes with instructions and tools. Made from durable, strong plastic PE material. Wooden colour for the body, arms, legs and screws. Black colour for the base only. Base weight: 73kgs with water filled. Related Items: (€245) […]