(€325) T-Sport 6′ Freestanding Punch Bag – Black

Choice of styles all black or with scoring zones Freestanding Punch Bags

tsport 6 foot freestanding bagFreestanding punch bag 6′ tall with nearly 20 sq. ft. of striking surface area
An expanded target zone (16 1/4″ diameter), allows for kicks and punches at varying heights
Low profile base allows for low kicks
Easy to fill and empty – water or sand
Approx. weight with water – 249lbs
Approx. weight with sand – 300lbs
Completely portable
The cover is an 18oz rip stop control nylon fabric. Revolutionary SDS Stress Distribution System protects against cracks and leaks this is one of the best freestanding punch bags on the market

tsport 6 foot freestanding bag scoring zone

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