Double Your Hand Strength with an Eagle Catcher

Develops strong finger grips. Five individual springs on a solid frame.

eagle fingersIf you want to develop ultimate hand gripping strength, this is the best.

Derived from ancient Shaolin hand-gripping strength techniques, the Chinese Eagle Claw will give you the finger tip iron hand needed to grasp, twist, open and grip any surface.



Good for all types of sports : Judo – MMA – Jiu Jitsu – Rock Climbing – Tennis –  Or any sport that you use your hands this will help you.

Use for just a few minutes each day and you will double your hand strength in just a few weeks.

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The Eagle Catcher can be used almost anywhere. Use at home watching the TV or keep one in the office plus you will find it is great to relieve stress.

Product Reviews from some people who have them

Review No 1 : The eagle catcher is amazing. After some steady use of this product I don’t wake up the next day feeling like somebody ran over my fingers with a truck. As advertised this product does increase the strength of your fingers sigificantly. Although slightly archaic in design this product works. If you feel like it’s too easy for you using the specific finger position that the catcher has, just double up the hooks and work your fingers singularly. I haven’t met anybody that can actually touch all of their fingers to their thumb. I have noticed significant gains in hand strength also. I shrug 285 lbs. without straps and my forearms don’t feel like they’re engorged with blood afterwards. I took the claw to work and my co-workers can’t get enough of it. People wander up and use it, then continue about their business. It’s brought on the “eagle claw” comments too. You can feel the power in your hands after just one week. No joke. I can close the 200 lb hand grippers and the eagle claw still gives me a run for my money without my knuckles feeling arthritic the next day
Review No 2 : I recently received this product and am pretty satisfied with it. I don’t use it everyday but I get a fair amount of use out of it. The construction is good, meaning it will not fall apart. It is metal and fairly light weight. The springs have a very good amount of resistance in them so unless you have been working your fingers with other exercises it will not be easy. The product is for strengthening your FINGERS and not/not your wrist. That being said, to protect them or to ease the pain if you find your fingers hurting from pulling on the metal hooks, wrap the hooks with some type of tape or gauze.

Review No 3 : I like that you don’t have to work all fingers at once. I like to work them individually with my thumb. To get a good workout on my pinky I use the thumb hook and one of the hooks at the very top that will force my pinky to stretch and add more resistance. I find myself working my thumb, index and middle fingers (eagle claw) the most for grabbing muscle and tendons. I don’t really like holding it in midair or with my other hand so I will securely mount it to the wall soon. I’m thinking it will strengthen my fingers while allowing me to simulate the pulling of a major muscle as well. Overall it is a good product and I have no regrets after purchasing it. Actually contemplating buying a second one so I can work both hands at the same time.
Review No 4 : This is really great for me. It’s a ton of work to get those springs moving, but keep in mind the size. I am a woman with rather small hands, and this is about the right size for me (just a little big). My husband’s hands fit, but he’s got a lot less to squeeze in. His hands are on the smaller size for a man. If your hands are larger than the average woman’s, this will probably be way too small for you and I would suggest getting something else.
Review No 5 : Man, after just a few minutes work out you can feel the strength welling up in the fingers. After just one week, I was able to close my 150LB handgrips…which is a great step upwards! Can’t wait too see the results after a few months.

eagle catcher

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