(€14) Push up Bars (Fixed & Rotating)

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Fixed push up bars

By raising the level of oneself by utilising the push up bars it makes upper body workouts more effective and more efficient for the chest in particular.

  • Makes upper body workouts more effective
  • More efficient for the chest in particular


rotating push up bars

Rotating Push up bars

If you want an extra dimension to your press up routine, these rotational push up bars will do the trick. Grasp the rubber handles and target your chest, arms, abs and core muscle strength using your own body weight. Contains 2 bars in a set.



3 way rotating push up bars3 Way Rotating Push up Power Twister

A Excellent Multi Functional Product. Can Be used As Push Up Bars, Rotation Push Up Bars and As A body Power Twister.

1 – Push Up Bars: Can Be Used As standard Push Up Bars To BUild A powerful / Strong Upper Body ( So push up bars can be removed from Twister.

2 – Rotating Push Up Bars : Using the Rotation Feature Builds Parts of the muscles that you cant Normally Train When Using Standard Push Up Bars,

3 – Body Twister – Using the Twister can help slim the Thighs, Waist, Hips & Provide and overall Good Body Shape.


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