(€15) Speed Training

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  • (€12) Evasion Belt

    A tactical piece of equipment for distance, mirror and marking training as well as multi-directional speed skills. The attacker tries to break from the defender, by ripping the Velcro tab on the umbilical cord between the two. The centre cord is approximately 5 feet with an adjustment range of 1 foot. The entire assembly is […]

  • (€18) Speed Resistance Leg Toner

    Increase your Kicking speed & power * Tested & verified by independent Black belts from different styles of Martial arts * This Training aid helps to maintain strong body positioning for kicking and lateral movements, it strengthens the muscles responsible for speed & power.   Voted No.1 Speed training equipment by all Martial art style […]

  • (€23) Balance Board

    The Balance Board is a Great way to Strengthen your Calf & Ankles. Improve Your Balance, Agility, Reaction Time and Can Also help Develop your Legs for faster and more powerful kicks Using this can Build your Core Strength – and reduce Risk of Injury In everyday activities. Board Measures 16 Inches in Diameter Related Items: […]

  • (€28) Power Speed Resistor

    This ingenious harness increases speed and power as well as aids coordination and resistance training. Using partner harness controlled resistance, it’s great for short sprints, lateral shuffles and explosive forward and backwards movements. For martial arts, it can be used as an aid in teaching power and the correction of techniques. Manufactured using the safest […]

  • (€38) Running Parachute

    A nylon chute with padded waist belt that applies even resistance. Suitable for distances from 10m to 200m. Improves speed, strength and stamina. Complete with handy nylon bag. Related Items: No related posts.

  • (€9) Martial Art Reflex Bouncer

    Improve reaction time and hand-eye coordination with this bouncer that jumps in a random direction each time, making it a challenge to catch.   Related Items: (€175) Century Reactor Freestanding Adult Punch Bag (€5) Martial Art Bear Figurines (€15) Martial Art Kid Figurines Embroidered Martial Art Badges