Leg Stretchers

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  • (€135) Maxi Flex Leg Stretcher

    It’s light, it’s portable, it’s easy to use and it’s great value. A great device for improving your splits. Complete with its own carry case. The pully works by a simple spring mechanism. Made from sturdy metal with a solid seat           Related Items: (€33) 3 Bar Metal Leg Stretcher (€265) Deluxe Leg […]

  • (€265) Deluxe Leg Stretcher

    Deluxe Leg Stretcher Made of a strong metal construction. Smooth action rollers guide your legs into position. Soft padding on all contact areas. Ideal for home or club use. Rotation 360 degrees Deluxe Leg Stretcher Related Items: (€420) Century Versaflex Leg Stretcher (€33) 3 Bar Metal Leg Stretcher (€135) Maxi Flex Leg Stretcher (€47) Martial […]

  • (€33) 3 Bar Metal Leg Stretcher

    3 Bar Metal Leg Stretcher Increases flexibility; easy assembly for usage. Complete with an extra adjustable position located on the middle bar to increase leg stretch even further. Powder coated metal with foam padding.   Increases flexibility Easy assembly for usage Powder coated metal Foam padding Increase leg stretch Related Items: (€20) Leather Speed Rope […]

  • (€420) Century Versaflex Leg Stretcher

    The ultimate stretch machine ideal for those seeking maximum stretch in minimum time. Versatility is built in to accomodate stretchers from beginner level to the elite competitor or serious athlete. Includes: – Stretches to 190 with degree indicator – Quick release lever – Two position stretching arm – Stretching handles on each thigh deck – […]

  • (€47) Martial Arts Flexi Max Pulley Leg Stretcher

    Flexi Max Pulley Leg Stretcher For stretching exercise specific to martial arts This Pulley Leg Stretcher will do the job 100%. Small, handy and usable any way you want. The tear resistant polyamide strap runs over self lubricating bend rollers,resulting in power transmission in accordance with the block and tackle principle Supplied with ceiling hook. […]