(€22) Foam Rollers Textured & Smooth

fitness mad foam roller 18 inch

(€22) Smooth Roam Roller For many users there is no need for a full length foam roller as a half length roller is long enough for many uses particularly for muscle & ITB release on the legs that has become so popular with Martial arts and other athletes.

Smooth / Blue 45cm (18″) x 15cm (6″) PE Foam


texured foam roller blue

(€26) The Deluxe Textured foam roller is an excellent self-massage tool, it’s textured foam surface is designed to knead and massage those spots that a normal foam roller is unable to reach! It’s smooth finish means the roller is easy to clean and is built to last.

Use this foam roller pre and post exercise for maximum benefits, which includes increased circulation and helping with muscular pain relief. Foam rollers can also aid in increasing core strength, muscle flexibility, stability will help to encourage better posture over time.

Used by athletes in many sports such as BJJ, MMA, Crossfit and many other combat and non-combat sports!

Equally suitable for home and gym use,

Textured / Blue dimensions 13.1″ x 5″ inches


vari texured foam roller black

(€36) The Vari-Massage Foam Roller features a range of different patterns so you can vary the intensity of the massage to help massage and release tight muscles sit your individual needs.

High Impact ABS tube with EVA foam padding helps keep its shape

Size 12cm diameter x 30.5cm long


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