Resistance Bands & Tubes

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  • (€12) Dyna Band

    The concept of the Dyna Band originated in hospitals for use in rehabilitation, to strengthen and repair muscles after injury. This idea has been developed further, to produce a fabulous fitness / exercise aid, which, allows you to tone, strengthen and condition your entire body in the privacy of your own home.By providing resistance for […]

  • (€12) Fitness Mad Resistance Tube

    Offers natural and progressive resistance. Avoids the possibility of latex allergies. Available in 3 strengths – Light, Medium and Strong. Comfortable integral foam covered handles. Resistance level marked on the handles for easy identification. Related Items: (€8) Fitness Mad Resistance Bands Resistance Bands & Tubes (€18) Speed Resistance Leg Toner (€245) T-Sport Junior Fitness Freestanding […]

  • (€165) Venum Power Training System

    Venum offers their first all-in-one full body exercise equipment, the Power Training System (PTS).

 Its main goal is to help you lose weight, gain muscle, and boost your power.    The PTS has everything you need to help get you into the best shape of your life!

 No matter what fitness level you may be, […]

  • (€8) Fitness Mad Resistance Bands

    Option 1: To Buy this item Use the add to cart button on bottom Ideal for those familiar with resistance training Each band comes in a zip lock bag. Size: 150cm x 15cm Warning: Contains Latex Do Not Use if Allergic Option 2 : Buy from our TotalCombat Amazon UK Store  & get free shipping & […]