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  • (€12) Martial Art Elite Steelwire Speedrope

    Designed By Fighters For Fighters Adjustable Length 3m length Speed Steel Wire covered with PVC · Material: steel wire · Color: Black, · Length: Approx. 3 M(118”) (Wire 1.5 MM in diameter, plus PVC2.5 MM) · Handle Length: Approx.14cm(5.51″) · High Speed Steel Rope, lightweight. · Adjustable length steel wire core cable covered with PVC. · Increase […]

  • (€12) Martial Art Speed Rope

    Metal Speed Rope A metal rope coated in clear plastic with strong hard plastic handles. Built for speed and fully adjustable to suit your height. The only Metal Speed Rope you will ever need.     Related Items: (€8) Leather Speed Rope (€20) Leather Speed Rope With Metal Bar (€8) Martial Art Wallets Clothing

  • (€15) Aeroskip Junior Speedrope

    The first worlds professional jump rope for kids Fully height adjustable and re-adjustable up to 5′ 9″ Works outside, inside, playground, home or gym Outperform even the most expensive leather pro boxing rope Ergonomically designed lightweight handles Constant lubricating washer provides friction-free action    Related Items: (€8) Bytomic PVC Speedrope (€8) Bytomic Foam Handle Speedrope […]

  • (€20) Leather Speed Rope With Metal Bar

    OUT OF STOCK Your work out has just got harder! Two metal bars, each weighing 0.30 kg, inserted into the handles, increases your heart rate and tones your arms even faster than the average skipping rope. ** CE Approved ** Related Items: (€8) Leather Speed Rope (€12) Martial Art Speed Rope (€33) 3 Bar Metal […]

  • (€8) Bytomic Foam Handle Speedrope

    The popular Bytomic “Speedrope” Skipping rope is a lightweight and flexible jump rope – perfect for fitness training of any kind. Whether you are training for speed, endurance, improving coordination or just warming up, the Bytomic Speedrope is the perfect accessory for all of your workouts. 9ft length of strong, flexible plastic ideal for faster […]

  • (€8) Bytomic PVC Speedrope

    Extreme speed PVC skipping rope great for fitness, conditioning and speed Length approx 10ft Related Items: (€8) Bytomic Foam Handle Speedrope (€15) Aeroskip Junior Speedrope (€29) Bytomic Martial Arts Gym Bags (€12) Martial Art Elite Steelwire Speedrope

  • (€8) Leather Speed Rope

    The most economical of all the skipping ropes. Wooden handles and leather rope ** CE Approved ** Related Items: (€20) Leather Speed Rope With Metal Bar (€12) Martial Art Speed Rope (€32) Swivel Speed Ball Leather With Spring Attachment (€16) Battle Rope Anchor