(€14) General Strength Training

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  • (€12) Battle Ropes & Accessories

    Related Items: (€64) Body Conditioning Battle Ropes Accessories Speed Ropes (€16) Battle Rope Anchor

  • (€14) ABS Roller Wheel

    Ab/Core Training.One of The best and most Simpliest Tools for Work on your abs with a smooth comfortable action. Two easy glide wheels for balance and stability. Moulded handles for secure grip. Results can bee seen within a few weeks. Related Items: (€38) Body Core Abs Wheel

  • (€17) Ankle / Wrist Weights

    ‘New Style’ weight for ultimate comfort when training. Each weight has adjustable straps which hold them firmly in place. Adjustable and one size fits all Sold in pairs 10lbs in weight     Related Items: (€38) Krav Maga Grappling & Striking Gloves (€57) Firepower Angled Thai Pads (€33) Extreme Power Forearm / Wrist & Hand […]

  • (€18) Sit up bar for under door

    Lightweight and easy to fit in your training bag, in two parts. Consists of a metal outer with foam foot holds, easily hooks under doors. Targets abdominal muscles Lightweight and easy to fit under any door Consists of a metal outer with foam foot holds Easily hooks under doors Targets abdominal muscles Related Items: (€25) […]

  • (€23) Balance Board.

    The Balance Board is a Great way to Strengthen your Calf & Ankles. Improve Your Balance, Agility, Reaction Time and Can Also help Develop your Legs for faster and more powerful kicks Using this can Build your Core Strength – and reduce Risk of Injury In everyday activities. Board Measures 16 Inches in Diameter Related Items: […]

  • (€35) Weighted Lifting Sand Bag

    Swing it, throw it, lift it, curl it, squat with it, lunge with it, press with it or jump with it Durable enough to withstand fast paced interval training Great for building power and strengthening your core Strategically placed double stitched nylon handles Made from vinyl Related Items: (€175) Century Reactor Freestanding Adult Punch Bag […]

  • (€38) Body Core Abs Wheel

    No machine works the abs and back like the Body Wheel.” There are so many aspects the Wheel covers in Training programs (i.e. flexibility, core strength, stability). The wheel is designed to fit both hands and feet, to dynamically improve core strength, power and balance. Maximum load on Power Wheel: 300lb Simple self-assembly required – […]

  • (€43) Press Worker ( Bull Worker ) – 110lbs

    Press worker is the original home fitness aid, the proven alternative to expensive, time consuming visits to the Gym. The Press worker builds muscle fast in all the major muscle groups. There is no way to build muscle faster than isometric exercise. It builds your strength by 4% every week. And you only have to […]

  • (€48) Magnum Gravity Boots

    For Abs and general Stomach exercises. Gravity boots for hanging upside down. Hanging in the inverted position brings instant relief to many forms of back pain and spasm associated with consistent downward gravitational pull on the spine, discs and muscles. Just a few minutes a day are sufficient to spread apart painful compressed discs. Back, […]

  • (€48) Suspension Trainer Kit

    Our Suspension Trainer Kit is an excellent portable piece of lightweight equipment that is ideal for doing a multitude of bodyweight exercises almost anywhere! Simply connect it to something that can hold your weight and away you go! Excellent cardio workout with a huge variety of exercises    Improve core and overall strength whilst burning fat […]