(€64) Body Conditioning Battle Ropes

battle ropeBattle Ropes

These battle ropes are the best choice for a gym or indoor training (can be used outside also). Increase Your Stamina, Be at peak Cardio Performance, Increase Punching Power, Build Iron Grip, Excellent for Full upper Body workouts


They are a braided rope and do not shed, and is non-abrasive making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use

battle rope bBattling training rope feature a plastic boot on each ed the prevent fraying.

Battle Ropes are Available in 8 sizes

6m / 9m / 12m / 15m

In 38mm Or 50mm Diameter


battle-rope-anchorBattle rope anchor

Size = 23 x 5 x 8.5cm
Fixings not supplied

Fix to wall or solid ground

Click Here To Buy Anchor only


battle-rope-wall-hangerBattle Rope Wall Storage Bracket

Heavy Duty wall bracket for keeping your battle tidy when not in use

Size = 23x5x28cm battling rope storage
Wall fixings are included

Click here to buy wall bracket only

Battle Rope Options

Length         Diameter          Weight       Price
6m          x       38mm         x       5.16kg             €64   << Out Of Stock
9m          x       38mm         x       7.74kg             €78
12m        x       38mm         x       10.32kg          €88
15m        x       38mm         x       12.91kg           €125

6m          x       50mm        x         8.4kg             €74   << Out Of Stock
9m          x       50mm        x        12.6kg            €88
12m        x       50mm        x        16.8kg            €98
15m        x       50mm        x        21.0kg            €145

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