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  • (€92) Venum nutrition Mass Gainer – Chocolate

    No banned substances – 2015 WADA compliant VENUM NUTRITION MASS GAINER – CHOCOLATE When it comes to mass gainers, we’ve got you covered. Our premium, clean formula provides an enormous 60 grams of protein and more than 1100 calories, sourced from whey protein, micellar casein, and a 9-carbohydrate blend. It’s often the case that mass […]

  • (€8) Badbreed Legion Water Bottle

    Leak proof valve so you won’t lose any liquid Asymmetrical shape moulds to your hand Rubber grip allows for a secure hold when training Screw top, tilted lid for ease of use 625ml capacity Related Items: (€33) Badbreed Legion MMA Gloves (€95) Elevation Training Mask 2:0 (€13) Adjustable Power Grip (€8) Strong Grip

  • AQUA Punch / Kick Bags

    Aqua Punching Bags harness all of the power and benefits of water to provide you with a one-of-a-kind boxing or MMA experience. They’re easier on joints, offer more resistance, and feel more like hitting a person. When you hit an Aqua Punch Bag for the first time, you will never go back to working out […]

  • (€65) Venum Contender 2.0 Hoody

    This season, stay warm with the Venum Contender 2.0 sweatshirt ! On this second version of the Venum Contender Sweatshirt, quality is our top priority, in a new section fit for a better look. The Contender 2.0 sweatshirt full zip provides unparalleled comfort, with its cotton/polyester blend. Its brushed interior delivers perfect thermal insulation against […]

  • (€74) UFC Weighted Adult Vest Black

    Maximize your workout and increase your strength and stamina by adding resistance with this durable weighted vest. Contains 15lbs of iron and sand filling. Washable, neoprene fabric. Related Items: (€95) Deluxe Style Weighted Training Jackets (€46) Weighted Forearm Sleeves – 4KG & 5KG (€34) Weighted Shadow Box Gloves (€20) adidas Black Boxing Vest

  • (€165) Venum Power Training System

    Venum offers their first all-in-one full body exercise equipment, the Power Training System (PTS).

 Its main goal is to help you lose weight, gain muscle, and boost your power.    The PTS has everything you need to help get you into the best shape of your life!

 No matter what fitness level you may be, […]

  • (€38) Adidas WTF Dipped Foam Head Guard

    Extra light Fast closing with velcro strap Soft EVA material ensures an easy adjusting to the head shape CE Approved WTF Approved Related Items: (€36) Wacoku WTF Approved Dipped Foam Hood (€57) Adidas Sparring Head Gear (€18) Wacoku WTF Approved Female Groin Guard (€22) Wacoku WTF Approved Male Groin Guard

  • (€62) Adidas ITF Master Dobok

    ITF Approved 240grams / 9oz Ribbed poly cotton material Jacket in traditional ITF cut with lapel velcro closing Pants in wide cut with elasticatd waist and additional drawstring All ITF logos are embroidered Related Items: (€53) Adidas ITF Instructor Dobok (€34) Adidas ITF Club Dobok (€33) Taekwondo – Adult / Kids ITF Suit (€38) Adidas […]

  • (€34) Adidas ITF Club Dobok

    ITF Approved 220 grams / 8oz Ribbed poly cotton material Jacket in traditional ITF cut with lapel velcro closing Elasticated waist with additional drawstring Related Items: (€62) Adidas ITF Master Dobok (€53) Adidas ITF Instructor Dobok (€58) adidas WKF Kumite Karate Uniform (€33) Taekwondo – Adult / Kids ITF Suit

  • (€33) Badbreed Legion MMA Gloves

    4oz competition MMA Glove with padded thumb 1 inch of absorbing foam to protect the knuckles Superior comfort design with anti-microbial lining Velcro wrist support with 3 adjustable sections Made from premium synthetic leather Badbreed Legion MMA Gloves Related Items: (€45) Bad Boy MMA Competition Fight Gloves – 4oz (€28) Adidas MMA Training Gloves – […]