ITF Taekwon-Do European Champions 2016

The event’s dates are 28/04/16 to 01/05/16. The initial competition is planned for a duration of three (3)
days with the possibility of extension to four (4) days, if necessary.

itf euro championship 2016

Why Finland?

The organizing committee is very experienced and here are some facts:

Tampere city

The city of Tampere has great experience in supporting and organizing sporting events especially when it comes to contact sports and martial arts such as:

  • 2014 European Karate Championships
  • 2013 Seniors Judo European Cup
  • 2007 Taekwon-Do ITF European Cup
  • 2006 Karate World Championships
  • 2004 European ITF Taekwon-Do Championships
  • And many more

Because Tampere wants to be a key player in organizing big events, a special department was founded to help attract different events to our city (sporting events, congresses, exhibitions etc…). With this in mind, ITF Finland will benefit from both the logistical support as well as expertise of the city for the organisation of the 2016 European championships. The City of Tampere has promised to provide us with a top venue for the event: Tampere Hakametsä Stadium. This venue is the same as the one used during the European Championship 2004. This hall has a capacity of 7 800 as well as great space for VIP and umpires.

ITF Taekwon-Do Finland

ITF Taekwon-Do Finland has organised in the past 2 major events in Tampere:
The Eurocup in 2007
The European Championships in 2004.

Competition Hall

itf euro championship hall 2016

Black Eagle Taekwon-Do and Tampere Taekwon-Do

Those 2 clubs are the 2 major players in the Tampere region summing together about 300 members, therefore providing many volunteers.

Tampere Taekwon-Do Club has organized many seminars and organises yearly 3–4 competitions. Those events are known for being well handled and the Tampere Taekwon-Do staff is experienced and has a very professional approach to event organizing.

Black Eagle Taekwon-Do is known for organizing major international events such as Taekwon-Do legends seminars and the Winternational Taekwon-Do Open.


Both clubs are very well known by the local media, Tampere Taekwon-Do Club, thanks to its multitude of European and World Champions has helped a lot in making Taekwon-Do a trendy sport to practice. One of their members has been even invited to the Independence Day party hosted by the President of the Republic of Finland: Sauli Niinistö. Black Eagle Taekwon-Do Club is very well known for its multicultural atmosphere and was titled “Fairest Club in Finland” by the Workers Sports Federation. They were chosen among almost 2000 sports club around the country.


Tampere has in the city center many new and convenient hotels that are capable of hosting
competitors, umpires, officials and staff members. The distance between the hotels and the
competition hall is an approximate 5 km. During competition days, the organizer will provide
transportation between the hotels and the competition hall.

Transport connections

The nearest airport, Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, is 19 km from Tampere city center.
Distance from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Tampere city center is 172 km.
Both airports have good connections to Tampere city center. Organizers will also propose
transportation from and to the airports for extra cost.


The event’s dates are 28.04. – 01.05.2016. The initial competition is planned for a duration of three (3)
days with the possibility of extension to four (4) days, if necessary.

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