Jiu Jitsu Choke Hold Demo Gone to Far

Jiu Jitsu is one deadly martial Art Just doing a demo can knock someone out in seconds. Now you can see why this is a must know sports if you want to move on and do mixed martial arts

Jiu Jitsu Origins

Geo Omori opened the first jiu-jitsu / judo school in Brazil in 1909.

He would go on to teach a number of individuals including Luiz França. Later, Mitsuyo Maeda was one of five of the Kodokan’s top groundwork experts that judo’s founder Kano Jigoro sent overseas to demonstrate and spread his art to the world.

Maeda had trained first in sumo as a teenager. Than after the interest generated by stories about the success of Kodokan Judo at contests other jujutsu schools that were occurring at the time, became a student of Jigoro Kano.

Maeda left Japan in 1904 and visited a number of countries. Giving “jiu-do” demonstrations and accepting challenges from wrestlers, boxers, savate fighters. Plus various other martial artists before eventually arriving in Brazil on November 14, 1914.

Gastão Gracie was a business partner of the American Circus in Belém.

In 1916, Italian Argentine circus Queirolo Brothers staged shows there and presented Maeda.

In 1917 Carlos Gracie, the eldest son of Gastão Gracie, watched a demonstration by Maeda at the Da Paz Theatre and decided to learn judo.

Maeda accepted Carlos as a student and Carlos learned for a few years. Eventually passing his knowledge on to his brothers.

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Sibling Hélio Gracie gradually further developed Gracie Jiu Jitsu as a softer, pragmatic adaptation from judo that focused on ground fighting.  As he was unable to perform many judo moves that require direct opposition to an opponent’s strength.

Gracie is now famous in Jiu Jitsu and for developing the sport we know today


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Jiu Jitsu is the best of all martial arts just watch ufc they all use it. And those that don't lose it.

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