Kickboxer V Boxer on the Machine watch the power

Kickboxer V Boxer On the power Machine Watch the power of a spinning kick vs the power of a punch from a pro boxer

Increase your Punching Power by spending extra time on the heavy bag to develop

“Hands of Stone” like Durán? Yes the heavy bag does improve punching power, but it has to be used intelligently.

But First, a fighter should not use the heavy bag every day, as it places  high levels of stress on the shoulders.

There is scientific support from a review of research studies on boxing injuries published in the sports medicine textbook Epidemiology of Sports Injuries (Human Kinetics, 1996): “The second most common site of upper extremity injuries [the first being the hand and wrist] involves the shoulders. As expected, the repetitive and forceful delivery of punches is responsible for the relatively high frequency of extremity injury.”

So in short a heavy punch bag work out is good but just not every day

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