Learn Heian Shodan for Shotokan Karate

Heian Shodan or Pinan Nidan (jap.平安初段or平安二段consisting of the word parts Peace (平安) and initial level (初段) and second stage (二段)) is a Kata (a stylized fight against imaginary opponents ) in Karate, the first – a series of five kata called – second in some styles Heian forms or Pinan.

Here the Kata Heian Shodan is from the Shotokan described style. This corresponds (apart from style differences) the Kata Pinan Nidan z. B. in Wado-ryu, however, the Pinan Shodan in Kyokushinkai. The Kata Pinan Shodan can therefore depending on style either the Kata Heian Shodan or the Heian Nidan match.


The name of the series平安, ie Heian Japanese-reading, originally from China, where he met with Ping’an transcribed is. It developed on Okinawa the reading Pinan, which is also widely used today as the name of the Kata-series. It literally means peace but also (internal) peace, serenity, peace or peaceful mind.

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Shodan初段and Nidan二段hot lowest stage and second stage.


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