(€120) Manto IV Mens BJJ GI

manto iv mens bjj gi blue full-Train to win in the new and upgraded MANTO “4.0” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi!
-Guaranteed for optimal performance both in the academy and in the arena, the “4.0” Gi bridges the gap between the casual -practitioner and the seasoned competitor.
-100% Cotton/ Pearl Weave (550 g/sm)
-Improved fit
-Upgraded fabric quality
-Eva foam filled collar for improved comfort and hygiene
-Reinforced seams inside the jacket
-Reinforced knee area
-Round rope + additional belt loops at the waist for better comfort
-Highest quality patches and embroidery
-Perfect for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practicioners of all levels

manto iv mens bjj gi black  manto iv mens bjj gi blue manto iv mens bjj gi white

Washing Details
-This product has natural shrinkage rate of approx. 3-4% after washing in warm/hot water.
-Washing in hot water can be used to shrink the GI and adjust it to your body type.
-Wash cold only if you are satisfied with the fit.

Size Guide Below

manto iv mens bjj size guide

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