(€28) Karate – Polycotton Suit 8oz with choice of colours

karate polycotton suit white frontAn excellent student karate suit is now available in Polycotton. Made to the same high standards as the traditional cotton version, replicating the cut and design. It is guaranteed not to shrink and comes complete with a standard white belt. 8oz

karate polycotton suit white back  karate polycotton suit red front  karate polycotton suit red back  karate polycotton suit mixed front  karate polycotton suit mixed back  karate polycotton suit blue front  karate polycotton suit blue back  karate polycotton suit black front

karate polycotton suit black back


  • Made from 100% poly cotton
  • Guaranteed not to shrink
  • Comes with a plain white belt

size guide for blitz polycotton karate suit

Order 8oz Polycotton Karate Suit

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