Nikki Leonard Workout Girl Master

Master of all workout Nikki Leonard Not matter what you train for if you train like this girl you will succeed

Born in 1986 and from Edmond, Oklahoma. Nikki Leonard is a well-known Crossfit athlete that’s also competed in modeling and bikini competitions.

Nikki has always been interested in sports throughout her life. She played scorer in college, along with lacrosse and basketball – Nikki was a gifted athlete from the very beginning.

Her father helped her to instill a winning and competitive attitude to never give up no matter how hard life got for her. She’s taken this advice and installed it into every approach of her life. This has taken her from college soccer player to one of Crossfit’s top athletes.


A Life In Sports

Nikki started training and playing sports when she was a child. She first started with gymnastics, then basketball, soccer and track and field.

While Nikki was in college, she mainly played soccer. She also started playing lacrosse and immediately became a natural player. She was positioned as a starter from the very first moment.


Nikki started bodybuilding and taking part in bikini competitions when she finished playing college soccer. The years of sports engrained a desire and will to compete. She needed something to fill the gap, as Nikki says, “getting on stage helped me get the fix.”


Nikki has done Olympic-style lifting for years while taking part in CrossFit. She says it takes a lot of dedication, commitment, and skill to be able to perform movements such as the snatch takes a lot of practice.

She admits there’s always room for improvement in her technique, but she is constantly getting better. Her competitive attitude keeps driving her forward to perfect ever lift in her training routine.

Defiant Attitude

Ever since Nikki was a child, her father helped her to instill a “no-quitting-attitude” towards life. He taught her to keep pressing forward no matter how difficult things got or how much she disliked something.

As Nikki says, “Each year of my life I have consistently gotten better and that is what fuels me to keep going. I find the challenge in everything and I go for it because giving up to me is one of the worst things you could ever do in your life.”


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