(€27) Fingerless Bag Gloves Leather

finger less bag gloves black finger less bag gloves pinkFingers are sectioned and cut at the ends to ensure maximum protection against the force of your punches. An elastic strap on inner wrist secures the glove to the hand.

  • Fingers are sectioned and cut at the ends
  • Ensures maximum protection
  • Elastic strap on inner wrist
  • Secures the glove to the hand
  • Great for bag work
  • Has been tried, tested and is CE approved











Sizes Below are a Guide Only
Size Average Age Width
XX-Small 7 under 6.4cm – 7.0cm
X-Small 7 to 9 7.2cm – 8.2cm
Small 9 to 13 8.2cm – 8.5cm
Medium Teen / Women 8.5cm – 9.1cm
Large Average man 9.1cm – 9.5cm
X-Large Large man 9.5cm – 9.8cm

Measure your hand to find right glove size

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