(€14) Bad Breed Gum Shield


bad breed gum shield blackBad Breed has teamed up with Korpertech to bring you this LIMITED EDITION Anti Shock Gum shield. Simply put its a gum shield with a statement. You are what you are, pure BAD BREED! Thanks to Korperlab technology, this gum shield is not just a gimmick, it is one of the best designed and most comfortable gum shield on the market. Designed by dentists using A grade thermoset moulds, they ensure you get maximum protection without it sacrificing comfort.


bad breed gum shield whiteBad Breed printed on the front of the gum shield in white with a protective clear heat film which reduces it from fading, the film stays on the shield even after boil. One size fits all with great upper palate support, CE approved and ready to rumble, you wont want to go into battle without one. Bad Breed… The Chronicles of a fighter!