Self Defense in Martial Arts

totalcombat self defenseHave you ever been in a life or death situation? Do your know how to fight bare hand against an armed motherfucker with the intention to kill you? Have you ever had to fight on the street or run for your life? By the way, avoiding confrontation is the smartest thing to do. But sometimes, you don’t have a choice.
No, I haven’t you may say… but I am ready for any street fight that comes my way. I’d been practising martial arts for zillion years. If you think you are… what you are about to read may sock you.
Are Martial Arts useful for self defense?

As martial artist we consider ourselves well prepared to fight on the streets to defend ourselves or somebody we love. Are we capable of it or it’s just and illusion? What would your reaction be at the first sight of your own blood? Are you really prepared to fight for our life? Have you ever been involve in a street fighting or know somebody that have… and at the moment of truth got frozen?
If it is so, you are not the alone. There are many accomplished martial artist, black belts in different modalities that got frozen in a real life street fight. And it will continue to happen again and again.
Why in hell a well-trained martial artist gets frozen in a self defend situation? Answer is simple: first, because he is not really prepared for street fighting. And second fear. An uncontrollable fear that render you helpless. The fear of death.
Don’t be so hard on yourself; fear is ingrained in our DNA. It has helped our predecessors to survive. And thanks to fear we are alive today.
But fear can be a heavy burden in a street fight if you can’t control it. Martial arts where created to be used in real life situations. In the past a martial artist would rest assure that in a real fight they would have and advantage over their adversaries. Many times those fight were to life or death.
Is self defense in martial arts a thing from the past?
In those times the chance to be in a situation were you have to use your martial art skills to survive were very high. Therefore our ancestors martial artist, condition their bodies and their minds for those situation in which they would have to fight for their lives.The times have changed, especially in our occidental world. Life is not so violent as it used to be. Nowadays we have different self defense products: handguns, pepper sprays, stun guns, etc.etc. to defend ourselves. All those “self defense products” give us a false sense of security. How many have been atacked with their own guns?
Besides that, martial arts have turned into a kind of sport were the objective is to win a competition, were fights are limited by rules. The same rules that in a real street fight will condition our response. Limiting our chances to survive. Lets get real. In a life or death situation there is no time to think. What you have trained and ingrained into your subconscious is what you will use. There is no way you would use a technique that you have not make part of your training.
And here is where a martial artist are at a disadvantage against a street fighter. They have no rules, and they have tasted the real thing, they are ready to hurt you and they are brutal.
So unless you have been trained in hand to hand military combat or have followed a self-defense training program. Your chances of walking unharmed out a street fight are minimal.
Street Fighting: The untold truth
How many martial artists know that is not a good idea to hit somebody on the face with bared knuckles? Not many. There is a reason for classical schools of martial arts to spend a great part of their time conditioning their hands. But who wants to walk around now days with deformed arthritic hands? Not me, that’s for sure.
Yeah, you will say. B.S. if I hit somebody with my fits I will knock him out. After all the time I have been hitting the heavy bags and sparring with my partners. Not a chance! What is more probable is that you will break your hand in the improbable case that you hit your target.
There are no gloves to protect the delicate bones of your hands from the hard bones of your enemy face. Did you know that our head bones are the strongest of the human body? Well these may be new news for you, but they are. It is so because they have to protect our most important organ.
Thinking about throwing your flashy roundhouse kick to your enemy face, forget it. You probably end up on the floor getting kicked on your head. The point I am trying to get across is that a real fight is nothing similar to anything that you have experience in your dojo.
And most martial arts are too flashy and ineffective in a real life situation. Probably because they have been greatly influenced by Hollywood movies. Street fighting real thing. And as we all as know or should know. Fiction and reality ain’t got anything to do with each other!
Are you disappointed? I was when I was younger and started to get a better glimpse at reality. Forget about Bruce Lee movies. They are exactly that: Movies. Reality is different. Instead of imitating the Bruce Lee of the movies, follow his advice. Strip your style of all the unnecessary movements make it simple and effective.
If your goal as a martial artist is to be in shape, have a nice body and win tournaments, forget about everything you have read. But if you want to feel safe, be able to defend yourself and your love ones

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