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(€33) 3 Bar Metal Leg Stretcher


Increases flexibility; easy assembly for usage. Complete with an extra adjustable position located on the middle bar to increase leg stretch even further. Powder coated metal with foam padding.

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(€65) AQUA Punch / Kick Bags

Aqua Punching Bags harness all of the power and benefits of water to provide you with a one-of-a-kind boxing or MMA experience. They’re easier on joints, offer more resistance, and feel more like hitting a person. When you hit an Aqua Punch Bag for the first time, you will never go back to working out with a traditional heavy bag.

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(€68) Karate – White Diamond Suit 14oz


white diamond 1This suit comes with 2 pairs of trousers

Our 5 Star Deluxe White Diamond Gi is perfect for advanced students and instructors. This world renowned suit is made from the finest white 14oz 100% smooth woven cotton canvas and is a global seller.



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(€25) Giko Karate Uniform 7oz

blitz white diamond karate suit front

Excellent student karate suit

Poly 40%/cotton 60% material
Elasticated waistband
Great quality uniform
White belt included


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(€48) Wrist Curler Forearm Exerciser

wrist curler bThe  Wrist Curl Exerciser allows for isolated training of your wrist and forearms, but with all the further advantages to be expected of free weight training,. Develop and iron like grip, Add as Many Weights to the Curler, See increase in forearm Size in just 7 days


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(€12) Martial Art Elite Steelwire Speedrope

Totalcombat Metal SpeedropeDesigned By Fighters For Fighters

Adjustable Length

3m length Speed Steel Wire covered with PVC

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Martial art Training aids & Hobbie Gear

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