W.O.M.A.A World Martial Games XVI 2016

germany martial art 2016

Welcome to the WOMAA World Martial Games XVI
Being held at the ESKARA, Multi Sport Arena in Essenbach, Germany.
July 22,23,24, 2016
This is a beautiful venue in a small Village in Eastern Germany, about 40 Km east of Munich and
around 50 Km from the Austrian Border.

The Games in 2016 will host a myriad of new, streamlined and updated categories.

germany martial art venue 2016


More information will be coming soon. But
make your plans NOW to attend the WOMAA
World Martial Games XVI, July 22,23,24, 2016 in
Essenbach, Germany. Hotel info will be
coming soon also on the Hotel page.

for more info, contact Mr. Bruce Smith/
Pres/WOMAA Int’l info@womaa.com


Click here for more information and registration

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