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Who said women can’t Punch



Now this is one amazing Knockout Punch.

Women and there punching power simply amazing.

Punch Kick Knockout you name and women are now doing as good as men and in a lot of cases even better

Martial arts & Boxing Women Punch Power simply amazing

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Jiu Jitsu Choke Hold Demo Gone to Far

Jiu Jitsu choke hold

Jiu Jitsu Choke Hold

Jiu Jitsu choke holds work even when you are trying for them not to work. Give a simple demo and out he goes with little to no pressure.

Is this one of the most deadly martial arts of all time. You can knock someone out even when you are not trying.

Jiu Jitsu choke hold fast deadly and it works. In the ring or in the street

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Taekwondo High Kicks by amazing women

Taekwondo High Kicks

Taekwondo High Kicks by amazing women

Are women after passing out the men in the skill factor for high kicks in Taekwondo

What do you think?

Note : we must apologize  for video quality below its a small bit jumpy but still worth watching

A lot of people would say that in general women’s skill factor in taekwondo is better than the me.

Yes we all know there are plenty of men with the highest skill factor on the planet. But if you train a hundred average men from the start and a hundred average women. By the time you come up a few belts you will see a bigger percentage of women showing better skill than the men

Now this might be all Bullxxxx but does anyone who teaches taekwondo agree or not