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Learn a jumping Muay Thai Knee attack

Muay Thai knee attack

Fast Deadly and can knock you out with one blow the Muay Thai knee attack

Watch and learn a basic jumping knee attack.

Muay Thai Knee attack

  • To deliver power to the knee and to land it on your opponents head, bend your knees slightly so you can jump and drive upwards.
  • As you are jumping up turn/rotate your lead hip to the rear as you rotate your rear hip to the front.
  • At the peak of your jump point your knee and strike.
  • Try to have some kind of defence by using your arms as a long guard to avoid any counters.

Land softly and be prepared for counter strikes.


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Martial Art Iron Palm like you have never seen before

Martial Art Iron Palm

Just shows what a bit off iron palm training can do for you.

(saves you money on buying a hammer)

Martial Art Iron Palm

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Crazy Nunchaku Girls

Nunchaku Girls

Now this is how you use nunchaku

Nunchaku Girls

Now this is nunchuck training at its best

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Jiu Jitsu tips for females starting this sport

jiu jitsu

Are you a female thinking of starting Jiu Jitsu but not to sure.

Watch and get some tips from someone who has gone through it all.

If you are a female starting jiu jitsu it can be a bit frightening. It’s not just the training but what do you wear and all the other stuff that goes with being a female.

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jiu jitsu

One of the fastest growing sports for females

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Increase hand strength for Judo and Jiu Jitsu

strong grip for judo and bjj

Get the grip you need fast and powerful for judo and Jiu jitsu All you need is a bucket and fill it with sand and watch this video.

Simple fast plus powerful grip strength within a few days



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